planting kurapia winter

A popular question we get this time of year is if now is the right time to plant Kurapia New White and Pink plugs. Sure, as we get longer nights and colder days, it’s easy to worry that plugs should only be planted in the warm seasons, but planting plugs now is a very good idea now. Let us explain why.

1. Planting in cooler weather diminishes the amount of water needed to get the plugs established. Colder weather means the soil dries out slower and the plants need less water. This doesn’t mean you don’t have to water! Those plugs are still going to need not dry out during the establishment period, but in cooler weather this is easier to do.

2. Planting in cooler weather gives your roots a head start. While planting in the warm season is excellent, in cooler weather, Kurapia’s top growth slows down, even not growing at all during exceptionally cold weather, but the roots will grow, reaching down into deeper areas where the soil is warmer.

3. Planting in cooler weather helps you get a jump on potential weed issues. After a good rain, annual weeds pop up, showing you exactly where weeds may come or return, making it very easy to treat these areas before planting.

Tips For Planting Kurapia in Cold Weather

1. As always, make sure you let the soil get watered and lie fallow for a few weeks before planting. If it has rained a few days before that’s probably a good bet you can keep at eye of new winter annual weeds (such as oxalis and grasses) should start to poke their head out.

2. Can’t wait until spring to get new growth? Consider investing in floating row covers. This white blanket will attract more warmth and sunlight which will increase the growth rate during the cold season. This is only necessary in the cold season and needs to be removed when it warms up.

3. Be sure you have adequate drainage. Planting in areas that get waterlogged is not safe for Kurapia. Be sure you don’t have any standing water in any area during the rainy season or it will cause the plugs to struggle and possible die.

For additional questions about Kurapia you may view our support guide or send us an email.

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