About Kurapia

About Kurapia

We have over 50 combined years of Botany, Plant Pathology, and Horticulture experience, and we are conducting research in the top universities in Japan and the United States, including UC Riverside, UC Davis, Texas A&M, and more!

We love our customers and feel like our customers and us have a special relationship. We love to see all the amazing and innovative ways we’ve seen Kurapia grown and planted. From sun blasted islands and parched walkways, to highly walked pathways, to steep hillsides and areas subjected to flood. We believe in our product and are grateful for our amazing customers!

Our team is also constantly testing the product in new and interesting ways. This year we are testing Kurapia to see how it works with the most popular and recommended gardening products available to the public. We are testing preemergent and postemergent herbicides, fungicides, fertilizers, growth inhibitors, and supplements. We are testing both organic and chemical solutions, and all these results will be made public. Please keep an eye on this page, and be sure to join our newsletter by Registering, so we can keep you updated on the latest news and information.

Kurapia is exclusively sold online and shipped directly to you.  You may purchase by clicking ORDER above.

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Kurapia ground cover along winding path