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Customer reviews

"The only time I water the Kurapia was the inital week of planting"

"After the planting, I was worried a couple times last summer that the heat and dryness would kill the plants. I attempted to fix my sprinkler system and give the plants a drink, but the location gets significant foot traffic from kids and the cars parking along the street. Hence I was not able to water them due to broken sprinklers. And to my surprise, the Kurapia continued to thrive through the summer, fall, and winter."

Homeowner | Venice Beach, CA

"Kurapia, has provided excellent service & support"

"After extensive Research and investigation Kurapia was chosen for my projects for the following reasons: aesthetics (appearance), growth habit, drought tolerance, erosion control, weed suppression, disease resistance, maintenance aspects, foremost and most importantly – water conservation with reduction of water usage.

In choosing Kurapia, a close nit, low growing groundcover – turf replacement with a good, dark green appearance was sought after. Performance was very important. Kurapia needed to thrive in a diversity of soil types and conditions. Kurapia meets these criteria with even more benefits.

I believe Kurapia will revolutionize the landscape industry in erosion control, functionality, multi diversity usage, and help save our most precious resource – WATER. Kurapia is good for the environment and promotes our increasingly disappearing beneficial pollinators.

Kurapia, has provided excellent service & support."

G&R Engineering | El Cajon, CA

"We fully believe in this product"

"We can say that we fully believe in this product and the future it has as becoming the leading turf and groundcover alternative. We have seen the results first hand and definitely look forward to installing it on all of our future products."

New Leaf Landscape

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Kurapia commercial use
Kurapia displayed along other drought tolerant plants
Green drought tolerant ground cover
Kurapia ground cover in public space
Kurapia used to fight erosion control
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