Kurapia - The Ultimate Drought Tolerant Ground Cover

Welcome to Kurapia.com! We are the inventor and sole grower of Kurapia.  You may order Kurapia on our website; it's not available in nurseries. We will ship straight to your door.

Kurapia is a highly versatile, drought tolerant groundcover and lawn alternative that replaces traditional lawns, groundcovers, and erosion control plants. Kurapia establishes fast, is easy to control and can be mowed into a low cushiony turf.  You may also let it bloom into a lush groundcover.  Growth rate depend on amount of daylight hours, soil fertility & climate.  We recommend planting Kurapia in USDA Zones 7b and warmerFind USDA Zones via Google Search.

Kurapia can be used for many landscaping designs, including:

  • Extreme weather
  • Heavy slopes
  • Irregular watering
  • Irregular pH, salinity
  • Foot traffic

Kurapia’s light water requirements and easy maintenance saves you money while behaving reliably year after year.  Kurapia is exclusively sold online and shipped directly to you.





History of Kurapia

Kurapia was developed in Japan by H. Kuramochi and was perfected at Utsunomiya University. Taken from a variety of Phyla that grows natively in Japan, Kurapia has revolutionized landscaping all over the world. People are seeing the amazing environmental benefits in both commercial and residential spaces.  Currently it’s the bestselling groundcover in Japan where it is also used on highway shoulders and other public utility areas.


Our team has over 50 combined years of botany, plant pathology, and horticulture experience. We are also conducting research in some of the top agriculture universities including UC Davis, UC Riverside & Texas A&M.  We enjoy creating special relationship with our customers and seeing all the amazing and innovative customer installations of Kurapia.  We pride ourselves on the very best in customer service.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask.  Thank You!




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