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Why Kurapia

Kurapia is a highly versatile (drought tolerant) groundcover that replaces traditional lawns, groundcovers, and erosion control plants. It establishes fast, is easy to control, and can be (mowed) into a low cushionly turf or left to (bloom into a lush groundcover). Adaptable to many landscaping situations, including extreme weather, heavy slopes, irregular watering, irregular pH, salinity, and foot traffic. Kurapia’s low maintenance and water requirements saves you money while behaving reliably year after year.

The Facts

Name:Phyla nodiflora L. “Kurapia”Common Name:Kurapia
Plant Type:Evergreen PerennialGrowth Habit:Prostate, Sterile, Non-Invasive
Planting Season:Best in March to SeptemberFlowers:Small, White, May to November
Height:Low growing, less than 1′ high in full sunWidth:Spreading to 6 feet
Exposure:Sun to Part ShadeDrought Tolerant:ETo 20% by drip irrigation and ETo 40% by sprinkler irrigation
pH Tolerant:pH 4-9Salinity:Up to EC 7ds/m
Temperature:20°F – 120°FUSDA Hardiness Zones:7b-13b


Kurapia is a delightful groundcover. It stays green and lush with minimal work, and remains attractive and pleasurable to walk on. From backyards, to public walkways, to difficult to work with “tough spots”, Kurapia thrives and blankets the earth in lush greenery.

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