Why Kurapia

Kurapia : The Future

Why Kurapia

Kurapia New White and Kurapia Pink are a highly versatile UC Tested drought tolerant groundcovers that replaces traditional lawns, turf, and erosion control plants. Our plants establish fast and are easy to control, and can be mowed into a low cushiony turf or left to bloom into a lush groundcover. Adaptable to many landscaping situations, including extreme weather, heavy slopes, irregular watering, irregular pH, salinity, and foot traffic. Kurapia’s low maintenance and water requirements saves you money while behaving reliably year after year.


Our plants are non-toxic and safe for your pets, and does well with animal waste


Kurapia New White and Pink are extremely tolerant of drought and requires very little water, maintenance, fertilizers or chemicals.


Kurapia once planted will require little care, can handle foot traffic and play, and never needs replanting if cared for properly.


Our plugs are more affordable than sod or groundcover flats, and requires less water and labor to maintain once filled in.

Before & after

Install our plugs

Six months later!

Install day


It’s growing…


After 2 months!


Kurapia was developed in Japan by H. Kuramochi and was perfected at Utsunomiya University. Taken from a variety of Phyla that grows natively in Japan. Kurapia has revolutionized landscaping in Japan and all over the world as people are seeing the amazing environmental benefits. Currently it’s the bestselling groundcover in Japan where it has been used not only in homes and commercial spaces, but freeway and highway shoulders and other public utility areas.

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