Pricing For Landscape Professionals

First of all, congratulations in your interest in the Kurapia™ Brand.  We are the inventor and sole grower of Kurapia New White and Pink drought tolerant groundcover.  We have always found our relationship with contractors and trade professionals our most important one, as your expertise and skill helps to ensure our customers get the best possible results for their money.

Frequently Asked Questions for Contractors

How do I get a trade account for my business?

The quickest way is to send us a digital copy (camera phone photo is fine) of your C-27 Contractors license or your Landscape Architect stamp. If you don’t have these documents, we can accept other landscape professionals, but we need to see documentation of your business license and portfolio of past jobs. Once we review this information and accept the application, we will create an account for you on our website so you can order at a discounted price.

What is my discount?

A Trade discount is a special price given to professionals in the industry. This means this price is not for the general public. It is designed for you to make a bit of profit selling these plants to your client at the retail price. The discount is roughly 10%, but it increases if you have order more (read below). This also increases if you order over 30 flats for a job (we can ship with pallets, so shipping is less) and we have volume discounts for ordering over 80 or over 200 flats.

What is Trade+ and how do I qualify for it?

Trade+ is a new feature we’ve introduced in 2023. After your company has purchased 200 flats in a calendar year, you will be able to purchase Kurapia New White and Pink plugs from us at a lower price.

How do I get a quote?

Unlike sod companies, we don’t provide a flat rate for our plugs. We have an online calculator that works with your trade account for 29 or less flats. This calculator will help you see how many plugs we recommend based on the site’s special requirements, such as slope and soil conditions, you can change the projected number of flats to pink if desired. For drip installations, we suggest 12″ spacing. If you need to order over 30 flats, send our manager an email at Tell us how many flats you need (from the calculator), as well as the address it will be shipped to. We will then be able to get a quote for shipping, plants, and tax all at once with a proper quote. We expect this quote to not be shared with those note in the trade.

How do I order?

You can automatically order flats for smaller jobs simply by ordering online at our website. Using either our calculator or just ordering with the shopping cart. Orders over 29 must be worked out with our manager to ensure we get the best shipping price. To order larger quantities please contact us at and we will create an invoice (just like how we make a quote)

How long does it take?

We ship out of Fresno, California with the small shipping company GLS. Orders placed before 3pm Friday usually arrive in CA by the end of the following Wednesday. We don’t ship during weekends at this time, but we sometimes can ship on Tuesdays in CA, and Thursdays and Fridays in CA. Orders placed out of state usually arrive Thursday or Friday. We suggest you set up your planting crews a few days after the delivery date to avoid shipping delays (which are rare).

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is fairly standard for all boxed deliveries. In California, a single box costs $26, while 2-4 boxes costs $50 each. Meaning, if you order 5 flats, you’ll be paying $26+50, and if you order 7 flats, you’ll be paying $50+50. This shipping is delivered with each flat in it’s own box, delivered nearest the front door of the address. For shipping out of California, you’ll be using FedEx pricing (calculated on the website for you). For orders over 30 we suggest we ship via pallet order. This can reduce the shipping price quite a bit, with a few things to keep in mind: 1. While it ships you’ll need someone to sign for it. 2. It usually arrives on Wednesdays for CA, but may sometimes get delayed with weather or other issues, so don’t expect to plant on delivery day. 3. Pallets can be less if the site has a pallet jack or forklift on site (so there’s no need for a liftgate).

Can I pick up the flats in Fresno?

Absolutely! Work out pickups with our manager, but we refund any shipping costs that occur once it’s picked up in Fresno. You can also arrange your own shipping to pick up flats as well. After you place the order, contact us to arrange pickup (and refund shipping if already paid)


Best practices to install and maintain your plants?

You’ll find our support guide at, but if you need special advice regarding soil amending, irrigation specifics, meeting building code standards, working with your water districts, etc., email our expert at Some of our most common recommendations are:

  • Clear all weeds before installing. Water enough to see if any dormant seeds have come up.
  • Use a finely ground mulch such as seed starting mulch for weed suppression. If you need a chemical pre-emergent, we suggest Barricade from Syngenta, try to spray around the plugs.
  • For installing with spray heads, we recommend Hunter MP Rotors. Be sure the head spacing is head to head and the precipitation rates are matched.
  • For installing with drip systems, we recommend only using subsurface drippers. Plant them fairly shallow so that each emitter flows directly into a plug. We suggestion a 12” spacing for plugs and for emitters for best results. Change the spacing on our Calculator to 12” for the plugs.
  • You MUST irrigate frequently and for short periods when the plugs are installed, then you must gradually adjust the sprinkler times for less frequently and for longer periods. The goal is to water deeply and train the plugs to grow after the water. Do not leave the system running with frequently watering or match systems with high water stations such as grass.
  • Mow and edge once a month with a rotary mower to keep the plants low and healthy
  • Fertilize with organic or time release fertilizers to avoid nitrogen burns and overstimulating growth
  • Plan for annual core aeration for best results.
  • Over winter, plugs will not grow very fast. Anticipate spring weeds and plan ahead.

Am I able to resell these to my customers?

Yes, if you place an order that is for a customer, we ask that you have it shipped to your customer’s address. This is a linear sale, meaning you can only sell this product to the customer on the invoice. You cannot sell them on a retail store floor, or shift into other size pots and resell to your customers. If you’re not sure, ask us. We recommend you charge them the retail price we have on our website.

Special services we supply to trade professionals?

We understand our trade accounts cover a large variety of professionals. Designers, contractors, landscape architects, engineers, city planners, etc., and we have experience working in all of these worlds. can assist which things that go above and beyond a normal plant company. We can help you with planning your grading, irrigation, plant selection, and drainage patterns to best work with our Kurapia products. We can assist with water budget calculations for both new and existing landscapes as well. We can help educate you on the best management practices for your area, including the best soil preparation and maintenance side of things. We want to ensure you have the best success with your jobs, as you’ll be planting our products, and we pride ourselves in having the highest quality.

I have a resale license; can I buy this tax free?

The current laws on sales tax are clear, we can only sell to you if you have a resale license and if the product is to be resold to your customer. We need to know their name and address for our records, and it is important that you sell them to your customer with appropriate sales tax. Remember that this is linear sale, so it cannot be sold to anyone else than the customer on our invoice/order. Tax free sales must be conducted with manual invoices.

Our manager will do his best to reply frequently asked questions. Be sure to refer to this guide to help keep your clients happy.

Thank You!