California Polytechnic University, California has a rich and long-standing agricultural legacy. Students trained in Horticulture, Landscape Architect, Landscape Irrigation, and Architecture frequent the walkways and paths around the buildings. What’s also here? Kurapia! We donated some plants around their main walkways so their expert staff could see how well it grows. They were so happy they ordered more!  Here’s what their Gardener Specialist, John Hiatt had to say about his experiences with Kurapia.

“We replaced a 1600 square foot kikuyugrass lawn in June of 2019 with plugs of white Kurapia. Our Commencement Committee was concerned about how it would look for 2020’s event. By the time we were ready for this year’s event the Kurapia was a carpet of green covered with a blanket of white flowers. The Committee was thrilled. This lawn was watered 3 times a week for 30 minutes and mowed and edged every week most of the year. Now it gets watered for 5 minutes twice a week, has been mowed twice during the last year and edged every 2-3 weeks. We had an ongoing problem with spotted spurge, oxalis and white clover that the Kurapia has almost completely eliminated with minimal physical or chemical assistance. It’s one tough competitor and a big labor and water saver. Now we’re looking for more areas to change over to Kurapia and looking forward to the new pink-flowering variety.”


John also planted some Kurapia in a very hot parking lot island where students were repeatedly walking across the plants and things were struggling to grow, until they installed Kurapia. Now the areas are frequently walked on and the plants stay low and compact.

We are happy to have our plants at Cal Poly, feel free to check them out if you are on campus and want to see what Kurapia looks like.  Here are the locations.