Kurapia Pink Is Here!

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Pink is Bold!

Pink is a popular color for landscape designers all over the world. Part of the pastel color group, pink also can be rebellious when paired with warm colors like orange, red, and blues. It is popular in both traditional landscape designs as well as bright, colorful gardens.

Pink is Calming!

Pink is used in many interior designs because it’s calming affect. Used both as bursts of color and as a backdrop in full rooms, pink is a popular choice in many rooms, both modern and classical.

Pair of champagne flutes making a toast. Champagne splash

Pink is Kurapia!

Pink has become a great new choice for Kurapia users! This amazing plant has all the same things that makes Kurapia great, drought tolerance, ability to grow on steep slopes and in extremely hot enviromnents, and it’s amazing quality to be used on areas of foot traffic. The difference? Those amazing kurapia flowers! Starting a slightly lavender shade, and fading into a pink blush, Kurapia Pink turns a groundcover area into a show stopping color.

Another slight difference is the leaves themselves. Slightly rounder and slightly softer looking, you’ll find it looks great up close or far in the distance.

Pair of champagne flutes making a toast. Champagne splash