Kurapia vs Artificial Turf. Why Kurapia is Better

Here we go!  Kurapia vs Artificial Turf, who will reign supreme?



Artificial Turf costs on average around 4 dollars per square foot, even the very low-quality stuff matches our price per plugs. Many professional turf installations costs over 6 dollars a square foot. Our prices are affordable for all budgets, less expensive than sod or groundcover flats.  Advantage: Kurapia New White


Each type of artificial turf is designed for various uses, but all of them are made to simulate grass, which is mimicking how grasses grow upright. Essentially you end up with an upright pattern akin to brushes, which isn’t comfortable. Also, the rubber and plastics involved in the creation absorb heat, making them hot in the sun. Our Kurapia plugs grow horizontally, making a soft and cushiony surface. Kurapia feels much cooler as well, as Kurapia absorbs heat and stores water, making it cool to the touch even in the hottest of days.  Advantage: Kurapia New White

Weed Control

Artificial turf does not block weeds as well as you might think. Tougher weeds will grow roots right thru it and anchor into the synthetic mat. Even if you apply an expensive weed suppressing membrane, over time weeds will find their way to thru the mat if there’s soil underneath. Kurapia’s growth pattern will fill in the soil surface, usually 2-3 months in the warm season, making it very difficult for weeds to grow in it once established. Weeds that do come up are easy to control with little muss and usually without much effort.  Advantage: Kurapia New White

Artificial turf with plenty of weeds

Artificial turf with plenty of weeds

More examples of weeds taking over artificial turf



Artificial turf is very difficult to work with, it needs to be washed, vacuumed, swept, and deodorized to keep from becoming toxic, smelly, stained, ugly, and tattered looking, and even with all that it still needs to be replaced. You will find yourself having to put a lot of effort into maintaining your artificial turf to prevent having to replace sooner (which is very expensive to remove and replace). Kurapia New White and Kurapia Pink fills in very fast, requires very little mowing and edging, and is self-regenerating, giving you endless years of lush and beautiful lawns. Advantage: Kurapia New White

Artificial Turf Buckling

Artificial Turf on the edge of concrete buckling


If you haven’t arranged the drainage correctly, with good grading and drainage, artificial turf will create puddles in rain. These puddles can become quickly rancid, invite mosquitos, and will stain your artificial turf permanently. As soil is a moving, flexible, surface, it will cause fake grass to pucker and bloat over time, making unsightly air bubbles and areas where it will tear and rip. Kurapia New White and Kurapia Pink loves slopes and doesn’t need to be graded to direct water. Kurapia can grow down steep surfaces as well as irregular areas, which work well even in drainage swales and ditches.  Advantage: Kurapia New White


You can always tell when fake grass is being used. It doesn’t look right, it doesn’t lay right, and it tends to stick up a little on the sides or the seams where they try to push it together. Our Kurapia plugs blend seamlessly into itself making a solid, green, natural surface, especially with a monthly mowing in the warm season. Advantage: Kurapia New White

The Winner Is:  Kurapia New White 

(its not even close!)
Kurapia New White Reigns Supreme!

Once you compare our product with artificial turf, side by side, you’ll see that Kurapia is absolutely the superior solution. Be sure you run our calculator to see what you need.

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