Kurapia, the drought tolerant groundcover that is revolutionizing landscaping and erosion control is now introducing Kurapia Pink.

Kurapia made history introducing Kurapia White to the United States, a tough ground cover that grows with very little water, thrives in intense heat, and becomes a plush, walkable carpet. Kurapia Pink has all the same advantages, with a beautiful flower, and a rounder and smoother leaf.  Kurapia Pink has all the amazing qualities of Kurapia but can now compliment your impeccable sense of style.

Kurapia Pink

You may order Kurapia pink for your home, business or municipality. Both types of our Kurapia are safe, evergreen ground cover for your pets, pollinators, and children.  We recommend planting Kurapia in US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Zones 7b or warmer.

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