Kurapia Winners 2023

Hello Kurapia Customers!

This year’s contest was one of the most challenging! We had many wonderful entries that showcased our product in new and imaginative ways. From modern designs with the Kurapia New White neatly trimmed to fit along sharp corners and minimalist features, to lush cottage gardens with Kurapia Pink flowers flowing along with bright purple and yellow flowers, it was truly a challenge. We’ve had the opportunity to not only see how beloved our plants are, but also see the creativity and versality with the creative landscape designers who have added our plants to their property.

Here’s our favorites, which took not only much deliberation but also the input from a guest panel of landscape architects, artists, and commercial photographers.

Our Winners

First Place:  Lorraine B. – $300

What We Like: 

While so many photographs were sent, one really ended up charming the judges, and the model that posed for the photos was very purr-suasive. We love not only the very hard work of this feline spokescat, but also the high quality image that showed a well grown carpet of Kurapia Pink in full bloom that makes us want to take a nap on a warm sunny day. Quite a wonderful photograph Lorraine, enjoy our prize and we hope you give your pet some well deserved treats!

Second Place:  Tom Bertoli – $200

What We Like:

Tom’s photos of our plant thriving in the woodlands of Northern California are quite amazing to see. The beauty of the Kurapia New White’s flowers and low height makes it pop against the hedge of juniper and boxwood, with a backdrop of Maple and Sequoia makes for wonderful composition. Great photo Tom!

Third Place:  Maria Vargas – $100

What We Like: 

We’d like to thank Maria for this great photograph and yelling us “Love Kurapia coverage and drought tolerance (we’re watering every other week in the heat of CA Summer). Pretty flowers that are bee friendly and little room for weeds.” We really enjoy the look of the lush and happy Kurapia Pink planted with benderboard and a rock divider to is a welcome soft foreground to the beautiful Lamb’s Ear and Yarrow, tree roses, and Juvenile olive trees. This design is just going to be more and more beautiful as the trees and shrubs fill in behind the Kurapia Pink. Lovely!

Runner Up:   Mark Hirshberg – $25

What We Like:

We’d like to thank Mark for this beautiful photograph. Kurapia fits in so nicely with this water wise garden of California Buckwheat, variegated irises, fountain grass, Agapathas, and Butterfly Bush. We like how our plants are blending in with the flagstone pathway. Gorgeous photo Mark, thank you!


Special Thanks

We’d also like to extend our special thanks to the following customers for submitting such great photographs. Please submit again in the 2024 contest.

Courtney Dawley: What a wonderful photo of Kurapia Pink! Well done Courtney, it’s one of the best images of our plant I’ve ever seen.

kurapia pink

Evelyn Herman: What a nice photo for customers who want to see how Kurapia fares in areas with less sun that others. Well done, and gorgeous image.

Jim Taylor: A great photo of how Kurapia looks on the understory of trees, wonderful image Jim!

Jeffery Cohen:  Very Unique look with the statues and shrubs, the Kurapia fits nicely in this well manicured garden.


Zury Segal:  The handsome Kurapia looks great alongside the bright red much of the succulents below and the palms and shrubs above. This is a wonderful image of the front of your property Zury, well done!

F Zaslavs: Such an optimized space with the Kurapia lawn alongside the mock orange, agapathas, and carrotwood tree. The Kurapia lawn looks so natural alongside these other beautiful evergreens! We hope your young ones enjoy playing on your beautiful Kurapia turf!


Thank You So Very Much!

Kurapia Team


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