Hello Kurapia Customers!
Thank you all for submitting such wonderful photos of your Kurapia installations. It’s really great to see so many amazing installations of Kurapia!

Like last year, this was a very difficult contest to judge and we apologize for the wait. We want to thank everyone who submitted photos. We will be having more contests in the future so please stay tuned.   Winners should contact us at info@kurapia.com to collect your winnings.

Our Winners

1. Til Nowak

2. Zury Segal

3. Jeff Cohen

Others in Contention

4. Donna Lawson

She could be 3rd place. Higher quality photo than Jeff Cohen but small Kurapia installation.

5.   Lorraine B

She just didnt show much of her lawn. But I’m OK moving her to Top-3. We can use both of these photos for social media and website.

6.  New Leaf Landscape

Easily the best high rez photos and installation, but we are disqualifying them, correct?

7. Dave Trejo

Great effort taking photos through each stage, and they are high rez too. Just kind of hard to see the finish product.

I would be OK moving him to 3rd place.


8.  Bobby Simon

Too small of a photo. It’s a photo contest. People need to figure out how to send a photo larger than 120K.


9. Tom Bertoli

Same here, these photos are small too. 170K.  Drag them to your desktop and you can see how small they are.




Thank You!

Kurapia Team