Kurapia is proud to work with the Irvine Ranch Water District in Irvine. Come and see a beautiful Kurapia New White installation at their gorgeous drought tolerant garden display at 15600 Sand Canyon Avenue in Irvine. This collaboration is to not only show our customers what our product looks like, but for the IRWD to demonstrate drought resistant lawn alternatives.

Kurapia New White at IRWD

The Irvine Ranch Water District in Irvine plays an important role for the people of Irvine. Using waters from both groundwater and imported from the Metropolitan Water District, they have been raising the bar on water conservation in the drought-stricken California. In addition to producing over 21% of their water supply from reclaimed water while still maintaining some of the lowest water rates in Orange County.

“I love Kurapia, because it addresses everything that a groundcover should be,said IRWD Senior Water Efficiency Specialist Juan Garcia. “It’s a low-water-use plant that is hearty and beautiful. It’s the perfect alternative to turf.”

Kurapia New White thriving in the parking of the IRWD. Parking lots like this can get 40 degrees hotter than climate temperature with all the concrete and asphalt!

Kurapia was installed here a few years ago, right before the pandemic of 2020. Starting with Kurapia New White plugs, and installed by IRWD staff, they replaced these areas from a rough, dry appearance of mulch and tall grasses to a walkable, lush, green oasis on every area it was planted. Now in 2022 the plants have filled in the planters, and with the occasional edging you can see how Kurapia fares in a few different lighting situations in the intense heat of a parking lot, as asphalt and concrete absorbs and redirects heat to the surrounding areas.

Kurapia New White Not Mowed

Kurapia New White not mowed

Kurapia Mowed at IRWD

Kurapia New White mowed

What we love about their installation is they’ve let one area grow without mowing and another area they’ve been regularly mowing and trimming. This has enabled a wonderful display of Kurapia as a low, compact, and walkable surface, and a more decorative and colorful flower display, all without low water and minimal care.


“We wanted to showcase Kurapia in our demonstration garden so customers could see it for themselves,” Garcia said. “We planted it in plugs, and it spread very quickly. These days, we water it only once a week, and it looks fantastic.”

We at Kurapia are honored to be part of their drought tolerant display gardens. This garden is glorious, showcasing a wonderful mixture of native trees and shrubs, as well as some lovely choices of drought tolerant plants including colorful succulents and showy grasses that fits well with their modern architectural buildings and electric car charging stations. Come have a look!