Hello Kurapia Customers!
Thank you all for submitting such wonderful photos of your Kurapia installations. We sure had our work cut out for us this year.

This was a very difficult contest. We had no idea we would have so many amazing submissions this year. It took a lot of deliberation and discussion, and we apologize for the wait. We want to thank everyone who submitted photos!  We will be having more contests in the future so please stay tuned.   Winners should contact us at info@kurapia.com to collect your winnings.

Our Winners

1. First Place – Bob Evans  ($300)

Bob Evans: This is such a wonderful backyard! A delightful drought tolerant yard of agave, fuscia, trees and a lovely fence.  The Kurapia New White fits in wonderfully as a tight and compact backyard turf that fits perfectly with the brick and flagstone walkways.  Such a wonderful installation.  Congratulations Bob!

2. Second Place –  Simpson Risso  ($200)

Simpson Risso: S R Landscape Construction Design has been a wonderful supporter of Kurapia, and this installation is stunning. Working with the gorgeous backdrop of boats and coastal buildings, the massive turf of Kurapia New White really creates a beautiful symmetric turf for so many wonderful applications for gathering and sitting along that beautiful shore. First rate, Simson, congratulations!

3. Third Place – Bruce Sturgill  ($100) 

Bruce Sturgill: This is another wonderful harmonious combination of different hardscape styles and a beautiful backdrop. This design provides a playful interplay between the herringbone brick pavers and the more natural rock and DG areas. Kurapia New White fits in wonderfully between these elements, grounding the space with that intense green color. First rate, Bruce, congratulations!

Runner Ups – All Receive 10% Discount on Next Order

Fany Toshkov


Our company botanist fell in love with the gorgeous greenhouse, the precast wall, the use of flagstone, really makes a wonderful way to showcase Kurapia New White in it’s more unmanicured state, making some gorgeous fluffy drifts of flowers. The reflected light of the greenhouse and the flagstone all keep the Kurapia happy with the extra light and heat. Thank you Fany!

Eric Huynh

This English cottage style landscape is beautiful! All the flowers and heights accentuate the gorgeous horizontal plane of the Kurapia New White. The use of height to obscure the viewpoint behind the landscaping and letting the Kurapia grow to the edges makes it look like the landscape could go on forever. Thank you for your photo Eric!

Michael McGarran


This patch of Kurapia really filled out nicely, and snaps into place with the modern design of the concrete, lava rock, paving square and masonry wall. This is a great demonstration of the tight and low spread of Kurapia in full sun. Even with all the concrete around the Kurapia, it is thriving with minimal water. Nicely done, Michael.

Ronald Chong

This was a wonderful photograph simply showing the gorgeous look of Kurapia Pink if allowed to fill in and bloom. Transforming a simple little front yard area of struggling grass and transformed it into a fairy garden of lavender and pink. It’s not easy working with clay sounds but this looks like they did a wonderful job! Great image, Ronald!

Shannon Quihuiz


It’s easy to see what we loved about this photo, that adorable Jack Russell Terrier! I’ve been around this breed and know that they need to be able to run and play every day. This lawn of Kurapia White is the perfect place for an active breed. The fence is nice too, working well with the fluffy growth of Kurapia New White when it’s not mowed very heavily. Excellent image, Shannon!

Thank You!

Kurapia Team